Capture the Value of Dutch Boardroom Networks

Intelligent algorithms. Unmatched data. Powerful insights.

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  • Dutch Boardroom Networks Revealed

    Boardroom networks matter for firm value, board performance, director effectiveness, and corporate governance.

    However, the complexity of these networks prevents even highly-informed professionals who closely follow boards and directors from discovering valuable network insights because they lack the tools to simultaneously process all the direct and indirect effects of the thousands of connections in the entire network in which these boards and directors operate.

    By applying patent-pending algorithms and sophisticated statistics to our unmatched proprietary boardroom network data, Ahead Analytics offers leading professionals real-time, easy-to-understand network analytics to capture the value of boardroom networks so they can stay ahead.

      Finance & Investing

    Enhance and protect returns

    Monitor and quantify network features that create or destroy firm value so you can better research firms and proactively manage your portfolio.

      Executives & Boards

    Boost board performance

    Understand network strengths and weaknesses of boards and directors to facilitate executive search, board & director appraisals, and communications to stakeholders.

      Governance & Risk

    Manage governance risks

    Assess a firm’s executive-supervisory board independence and detect direct and indirect relationships that could pose conflicts of interest.