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Dutch boardroom networks are large, highly complex, and continuously evolving.

These networks comprise thousands of directorships at a wide spectrum of organizations including listed & private firms, industry associations, charities, museums, hospitals, universities, and political organizations – both past and current.

The network of a director or organization therefore does not exist in isolation. Instead every connection in the entire boardroom network generates hidden, far-reaching ripple effects that affect all directors and organizations in complex ways.

It is therefore extremely difficult for even highly-informed professionals who closely follow boards or directors from discovering valuable network insights because they lack the tools to process all the direct and indirect effects of the thousands of connections in the entire network in which these boards and directors operate.

Introducing Board Capital

 Our flagship product Board Capital transforms vast amounts of our unmatched proprietary boardroom network and top management data into powerful, real-time network insights so our clients can stay ahead. 

  Powerful insights

Access real-time, easy-to-understand analytics with just a few clicks

Board Capital offers powerful, easy-to-understand network visualizations, board scorecards, director profiles, network rankings, and benchmark tools. Board Capital also allows users to interactively generate custom reports.

  Intelligent algorithms

Our proprietary, patent-pending algorithms unlock valuable insights

Our patent-pending algorithms and advanced statistical models extract objective and actionable network intelligence. Our cutting-edge techniques draw from the latest developments in the finance and social network science literatures.

  Unmatched data

Comprehensive, continuously updated, and rigorously validated

Our proprietary network data includes many thousands of current and past connections between the most influential people and leading organizations in the Dutch private and public sector and key foreign organizations.

 Accessing Board Capital

Board Capital is accessible via a user-friendly, interactive website that allows our clients access to real-time, easy-to-understand network visualizations, reports, scorecards, benchmark tools, and rankings for organizations and directors within just a few clicks.

We also offer standardized raw data feeds and customized consulting services and continuously work with our clients to tailor our analytical tools to fit their specific research needs. Please contact us at for more information. We look forward to working with you.

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